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2Smoov grew up on the Northside, 7th Ward Columbus, MS. He started the label, MMR3000 in 1998 with artists: Lil Duke, Big Sinn, Big G (R.I.P.), Micface, and a few others. It was all a dream, but once he sold his first 1000 CD’s, he realized that this could be a way to get out of the hood. After doing two terms in prison, 2Smoov had to decide if he was going to continue life in the streets or be serious about music — he chose music. In 2019, he became headliner for his first tour, “We Got Next.” 2Smoov is thankful to God everyday for blessing him and the other artists on his label. With all of their talent, he knows that they are headed to the top of the food chain! 


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