Senta Williams, better known as, "BiggSinn Da Showstoppa", is a reality rap artist.  Mostly known for his lavish street lifestyle and his ability to make something out of nothing, with his boss image and hustler's intuition.  Everything he talks about he either saw it happen, made it happen or was actually involved in it some type of way, form or fashion.  For him, music is more than just a hobby, a talent, or being creative.  It's a passion deriving from his way of life which represents who he truly is as a person.  From the struggles of pain and poverty in the streets of Columbus, Mississippi, to CEO and artist of his own independent record label "Growin Mynes Entertainment", as well as COO and artist on MMR3000's record label.  This young hustler is determined to make a name for himself amongst the greats in the rap game.  As he has already collaborated with icons such as: 2 Chains, Pastor Troy, Daz Dillinger (of the Dogg Pound), Dirty Boys and several more artists, it's definitely his time.

Since his day view to the industry in 2001, "Da Showstoppa", has released several projects:  All Work, No Play; Volume 1:  The Hustla's Philosophy, Lil Duke and the Unknown Ghetto Poets, Hit Single; "At Tha Club" ft. Lil Joe Da First Lady; My Life's N My Music; The Mixtape, Hood Prophitz; Ups N Downz, Smilez N Frownz ft "Mr. Mann Da Gamespitta"; Album/DVD Documentary, as well as, several other features with several different artists, and currently working on several upcoming projects including his latest solo album; Trapwhodini--Da Game God, scheduled to be released in August 2019.

Even though he's a convicted felon who's been to prison three times and in and out of jail more times than you can imagine, nothing seems to hold him down or stop him from striving for SUCCESS!!! On the other side of the streets, he's a certified HVAC specialist, commercial truck driver, and obtaining an Associate's Degree in Business Marketing and Management, as well as a barber's license.  With a wife and five kids losing is not an option for "Da Nawfside Living Legend".

T: (662) 523-1763


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